Catching The Light

Catherine Coldstream reflects on the shaping of her life by mysticism, music and an extraordinary painter father

Butterfly Kiss

Seeking spiritual recovery in Ceylon,
a burned out war photographer discovers redemption beyond his imagining.

The Last Portrait Of Robert Engels

Andreas Smith’s enigmatic and mysterious latest short story The Last Portrait of Robert Engels

Found in Translation

A translator’s journey through a pilgrim’s way


in conversation


The line of beauty


Fibonacci Meditations

Anthony-Noel Kelly

The Ambassadors

Faye Dobinson

Lover and Fighter FAYE DOBINSON

the fast-talking
fierce feminine world
of the philosopher-artist

Jacob Willer

Jacob Willer on ways of painting after Modernism and the dream of Renaissances to come

Written in Light

James Burnett examines the ways different photographers respond to landscape through time, light and their own invention.

The Ice House

Richard Martin’s Gothic homage to M. R. James

Himanshu Vyas – Chhayachitr

Consciousness and the Photographic Gaze

I Walk to be Still

Rory Spowers’s rhythmic polemic for the spiritual power of walking

Laugharne by Night

The day bleeds out.
We really don’t know what to do.


I go to mum’s – and it’s all as it ever was –

The Gaelic Garden of the Dead

an excerpt

Let Stray Dogs Howl

a dark fable of technology, memory and psychosis

Alodie Fielding

Are you sitting comfortably?

Somerset Days

An abstract narrative journey

Composer Francis Pott

On creativity, faith and the transcendent


At first it was the whiteness

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