Corinna Gannon in conversation with the artist VitaliV in East Finchley on 2nd June

THE BASIC ELEMENT of my style is based on the motherboard of a computer: I develop a circle, a line and an angle of 45°, the three elements which make up the motherboard. I can apply this to textiles, ceramics and paintings. I can join these three elements in any combination with each other to create an enormous amount of patterns.

I was born in Odessa, the Ukraine, then studied engineering and classical painting in St Petersburg. In the mid-1990s I was living and working in London; it was the time just before the Internet started. I was thinking about how exciting it would be to create a cyberspace museum, both as an artist and as a businessman. If I didn’t do it, someone else might and then I would lose this chance! As I was thinking about this, I opened up a computer and saw this motherboard and immediately loved it: it is complicated and fantastical with a green or red base and lots of golden lines. It is a piece of art in its own right; I like the aesthetics and the logic, so I thought about how to make art based on this. 

I understand how a computer works but nobody knows how current literally works – I roughly understand what is going on. I would rather keep that ‘full knowledge’ at a distance. It’s like watching circus tricks – if you know too much the process is demystified. I would rather let my imagination do some of the interpretation, which could even be a spiritual journey.  I made a clear glass computer in order to see the box and these workings – that presents the viewer with a purely functional mechanism, but it also opens up a mystical realm. 

Now the motherboard has gone as an item of fascination in itself to me, but what remains are its components, like I said, circles, lines and 45° angles. I can make all sorts of schemas, forms, connections, colours into endless possibilities using just these three components.


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