Catherine Coldstream

Inward Sight, Outward Seeing

The complex interrelationship is explored by CATHERINE COLDSTREAM between the realism of her painter father’s seeing sense and her own emerging lyrical sensibility

The Poetry Pharmacy

Best selling author and mental health campaigner RACHEL KELLY narrates her powerful journey with depression and the healing power of poetry

The Playadox – Reflections on Burning Man

Does the road of excess lead to the palace of wisdom?

RORY SPOWERS finally makes it to Burning Man, the notorious week-long festival in the Nevada desert and revered by many as a rite of passage-immersion within a burgeoning sub-culture, based upon the principles of Radical Inclusion, the ‘gift economy’ and unlimited self-expression. Did the event live up to its reputation?

I Am a Griot

Zimbabwean poet MBIZO CHIRASHA weaves a rhythmic prose-tale on the biographical details of his birth and childhood – and the genesis of his extraordinary talent

BEAUTY and other dangerous words

DR. SUSANNE SKLAR journeys around the beguiling concept of Beauty and asks, theologically speaking, Can Beauty Save the World?

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