Hats Over the Tiber

SHE WASN’T REALLY listening. She’d switched on to fill the ache of empty pockets left hanging in the air by the departure of the children.

A R Thompson

The Deluge

I THE GIRL STOOD beside the gate at the top of a field, looking down toward its centre. There, a tree grew from the ruins of an old farmhouse. Though her entire childhood had been spent in and around these fields and though she could map the web of narrow roads as accurately as a […]

The Interrogation

ARE YOU comfortable? Yes? Where would you like to begin? Is beginning at the beginning acceptable to you – or would you prefer to begin at some other point? [Silence.] Shall we start, then? [He clears his throat.] Where do you buy your socks? Do you eat before going to bed? Do you like being […]

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