Identity Apples

I am a fat skeleton, resurrectingfrom the sad memories of dadaand dark mysteries of animismI am BugandaI bleed hopeI drip the honey of fortuneMakerere; think tank of AfricaI dance with you wakimbizi dance I am TanganyikaI smell and fester with the smoke of African genesisI am the beginningKilimanjaro; the anthill of rituals I am the smile of AfricaMy […]

Naked Villages

In these lost villagesFolksongs are baked into brown burnt slangGossiping hyenas splitting villages apart.In these naked villagesVultures eat our spoken word and verse.Eagles breakfast the diet of our culture. May 2019 Mbizo Chirasha¬†MONK

Return by minor road

‘can you say that a man is lost just because you cannot distinguish him from the background’

Dust, at intervals

The air is not nothing.

Nancy Campbell

Batik birds

You bring to my studio a block of mahogany

The antiquarian’s eye

In this trade objects are not made

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