MONK welcomes varied submissions and proposals relevant to and touching on its ethos, namely, the nature of creativity, spirituality, and art and the narratives between them; it is particularly interested in the spiritual biographies of artists, unpacking the inner world of the creative psyche, the mysterious, alchemical workings of the imagination. In essence, art and the soul.

Please read the magazine to get a sense of MONK before you submit or make a suggestion.

We welcome suggestions and submissions for articles, interviews, fiction, poetry and all visual media. In the first instance email the editor at with your submission / proposal clearly marked in the subject header.

Please observe the following guidelines:

  • No previously published material 
  • Pitches for interviews and non fiction should be kept precise and not exceed 250 words
  • Illustrations and artwork should be sent in JPEG in hi-res format and include the title and copyright 
  • Length of all articles, essays and interviews should not exceed 4000 words and be sent in Word
  • Please include a short note of biography in your email
  • Do spell check and proof your submissions before sending

Once accepted please note we will more than likely edit your submission.

The editor’s decision is final. 

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