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I have found that artists, more than writers, will acknowledge this. I certainly felt it as more of an immediate experience when I was painting. I’m interested to see in the future what MONK throws out about this. Being human we can’t actually quite define it – and that’s how MONK engages with it – the specific acts of creation – as well as the spiritual.

I would never edit out contributors who weren’t specifically religious or faithful. MONK strives for breadth when looking at artistic creation: at its birth all art in a way involves its makers in a spiritual experience, no matter how we define this.

Sophie Levy Burton MONK Founder and Editor
Arc Energy VI mixed media on paper 39 x 24 inches

My own painting has only just begun, really, my exploration of it, the themes. When Cornelius was dying I began to paint very vivid abstracts. I do feel looking back that that was an extraordinary series of months, when I was pulling something out of my psyche and connecting to something I was experiencing in a deep, deep way. Call it God or the divine, the numinous, the universal consciousness. I certainly didn’t feel in control of brush marks. People repeatedly say the paintings are joyful. The geometric shapes, the brush marks … I can’t really decode them; particular strokes, repetition –flicks, like Arabic script – it was very immediate, fluid, fluent, child-like. It felt spontaneous.

“I remember Fay Weldon once said to me that as people dropped off going to church they took up creative writing courses…”

And then funnily – or not – at some point I spontaneously remembered I used to do very colourful pattern-colouring, mandala-like, as a child – using felt tips – do you remember you could get a huge variety of felt tips in a plastic case? – I remember being absorbed into the colours, running my fingers over the colours all lined up so perfectly straight like an extended rainbow. 

Sophie Levy Burton MONK Founder and Editor
Arc Energy VII mixed media on paper

3 thoughts on “SOPHIE LÉVY BURTON Soul Sister

  1. The paintings are gorgeous. What is the medium/media?
    .. I can’t identify which voice is whose.
    Which of you did the paintings?

    1. Thanks Betti! These are paintings by Sophie Lévy Burton, mixed media, mostly watercolour, pastels and liquid metal paint. She’s being interviewed by Corinna Ferros, written up as a single narrative. So glad you like them!


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