Somerset Days

An abstract narrative journey

MY FILM IS an abstract narrative journey, an exploration of visual memory created out of footage taken over many years.

I have used several different cameras including super 8 and mini dv format to create images which have been altered and edited digitally in order to create a cohesive and multilayered finished piece. 

The film score is composed in the key of D major. It creates a marriage between simplicity and complexity which goes with the ebb and flow of the film. The score itself is fairly minimal in its approach underpinning the poetic structure of the film.

My work is produced in two different environments. I spend most of my time between London and Somerset where I live and work. These diametric opposites of a remote location in the countryside and the urban cityscape, inform and play a major part in my observations of reality.

Somerset Days reflects the source of my inspiration and the transformative nature of creation, through the language of film, music and text. 

The film maps out and documents my return to the countryside where I was born and grew up, after years of living in the city.

I have incorporated film footage of a small river that runs through the village where I grew up, the water being a metaphor for the passing of time or the stream of life which is constantly flowing and moving forward.

There are also shots of my childhood garden where I made my very first conceptual sculpture. These memories are etched into my subconscious image bank. They are scenes that do not fade.

NOVEMBER 2018 David Somerville MONK


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